étude de la petite vie

This world is filled with so many small things that nobody notices. Life is solely based on self with rare for instances of love and kindness towards others. There is a strange lacking in the appreciation of little things and of things that mean so much and create so much beauty. They are ignored. Crushed. Swept away for the shiny bright shallowness of the self and how many likes and notices a person can get on a screen.

There is a quiet peace and wholeness when one sees past the facade of “importance”. What is important to you? Find what is true and real. Most of the time it lies in what is not apparent. Be yourself and embrace what makes you who you are. Put others first and yourself last. Don’t look to others to “save” you, but rather look inward for that.

I took these photographs to clear my mind and to shed some focus on small plant life that usually gets crushed beneath feet, or cut down and thrown away. I want to show that there is beauty in small things and I’m leaving these photos up for personal interpretation.

Family Portraits: Jared & Andrea & family

These photos came out so pure and filled with light. I’ve been trying new techniques for posing and shooting groups because family and group portraits are a struggle for me sometimes. This lovely family made it easy to shoot moments and emotions without any forced posing or other issues. Enjoy the photos from this sun-filled afternoon.

photo by: Aaron Shiflet

la forêt/la lutte

there is a struggle

to feel human,

to part a veil of pain,

to dance in languid fields

of soft green moss,

and recline on sweet things,

there is a struggle

to stop choking,

stop thinking

and to breathe in 

clean air,

free of dry sharpness,

free of grey clinging smoke,

what about the heaviness,

that weighs around one’s neck,

that holds you under, stifling,

drowning, gurgling,

closing my eyes
I wish it away.

small things exist in vastness,

it takes but one to see

to open the eyes and look

to feel, to break, to tremble,

and wonder if life

as you may know it

is just irony,

voids and pains

or something more.

New Adventure: Shutterpunks Photography and Art

Hello! I haven't been keeping up to date on my blog, mainly because I'm starting a new venture, Shutterpunks photography and art. 

Aaron Shiflet and I are combine both our artistic and photographic talent to provide people with art that caters to the avant garde, different, strange, and unique. In a world of sameness, we want to be different and include everyone in art and the greatness of it. Check out our website shutterpunks.com and feel free to contact us to schedule a photoshoot or art commission. 

This website, racheladsheadphotography, will still be up and running and you may still contact me for shoots, but I'll be redirecting a lot of my work to the new website. 

Check out some promotional shots we created for Shutterpunks!

Erika and Paul: Engagement Session

I was happy to photography my sister and her fiance's engagement a few weeks ago. All images were shot in Lancaster county park and in Lititz Springs park. All digital images were taken by me, and all film images were taken by Aaron Shiflet.

Photo by: Aaron Shiflet.

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron

Photo by: Aaron