Truman Capote: Documentary Reflection

Link to documentary here.

In addition to the article I discussed in my previous blog post, I also watched a documentary on Truman Capote which was somewhat short, but also informative. I posted the link to the documentary above in case anyone is interested in watching it. 

I found this documentary to be interesting and it touched briefly on many different aspects of Capote's life, not just one or two of them. I liked the fact that this documentary gave a brief childhood history of Capote which helped lend a personality to the name behind many of his works. 

In light of In Cold Blood, this documentary did touch upon Capote's personal involvement in the interview process of this novel. Capote became very close with Perry, one of the Clutter family murderers, and showed footage of Capote upset over the hanging of Perry and Dick. Capote's emotional distress over this showed me how involved a writer can become when in the research process for a nonfiction novel or an article. Writing is not just jotting off a story and hoping for the best, but in fact is a very involved and sometimes emotional process which this excerpt of the documentary showed me. 

This short documentary did discuss many of Capote's works, but I feel as though the majority of it pointed out Capote's lifestyle, choices, and the mistakes he made in his life, especially in his nightlife and high society circles. The conclusion of the documentary and Capote's own life story was sad, but this piece also shows that talent and passion in any field of artwork will pay off with hard work and inspiration.