Mini-documentaries: Diary Film on the Topic of Love

I'm going to be working on a mini documentary film for my literary journalism class, and while this topic on love is hard, and somewhat broad, I've finally narrowed it down to one thing. 

I want to take the notion of love and romance and turn it completely inside out, and instead focus on the absence of love, which in turn, will show the viewer what love actually is. This may be a little difficult and abstract, but I want to use abstract footage to show the audience what it feels like or how it can be portrayed.

I do want to use maybe two characters in this and also use two interviews but have them be voice overs over top of the B-roll footage. I think I want to shoot this in grainy black and white, and maybe juxtapose the stillness of a quiet place (like a forest) with a noisy place (such as a city).