Solo hikes/Contemplation.

Location: Shiprock Woods Nature Preserve
This week has been rough, in more ways than one. I've fallen down and struggled to get back up, over and over again. Lately I've been feeling as though it takes more strength to get back up, and the disappointments I face feel colossal, and myself, too small to fight them. My mind has been running over itself and I crave solace and being away from humanity. Humans are sometimes the most cruel beings on the face of the earth, and I need to distance myself from the way people use each other and hurt each other. 

I decided to start solo hiking again. I'm going to find a different hiking location every time that I'm off from work or have some complete off days. I brought my backpack, a camera, and some food, and the pictures below are all from today. I'm worn out, but my mind feels more clear and I think nature is helpful in healing and sorting out the mind. I tried to take photos of fascinating things and included a blurry self timed photo of myself, just to prove to myself that I still exist. (dissociating over here...). I hope you like the pictures.