Hello, it's me.

I usually hide behind my camera and prefer to focus on the subjects in front of it, but I’m going to attempt to introduce myself and my art in the best way that I know how.

My name is Rachel Adshead, and I’m a digital and film photographer. I do not consider myself incredibly professional, but rather a photographer who is always learning and experimenting. To close off one’s mind to learning new things in regards to photography, is never good, hence, why I haven't yet called myself a professional. 

I started out shooting film, which then lead into digital photography(mainly due to the cost and quick turnaround of digital images), but my heart is still one with film and I try to emulate the look and feel of film even in my digital images.

 Below are a few of my black and white film portraits, as well as a few digital ones. I hope you enjoy my blog and the photos I post! Feel free to check back for new and upcoming creative collaborations that are coming in the incredibly close future.

Joel: Black and White film

Ashlee: color film

Ashlee: color film

Ryan: digital image

Salvation Army event, Queen street, Lancaster PA (digital image).