I plan on doing some photo blogging on this website, and by that I mean in addition to posting photos I will also post words. Some of my photos have stories and feelings behind them that I keep hidden for fear of judgment and other reasons, but there is no point in keeping emotions from art, and I hope to inject emotion into everything I create.

The following photos are from today, Valentine's Day. This quasi-holiday sometimes makes me feel alone and disappointed (hard to avoid feelings!), especially when pedestrians are scuttling around clutching bouquets of flowers meant for some lucky participant. I have kind people in my life though, and lately I have more and more amazing people entering my life who make me feel less lonely and instead, more loved.

I also realized that carrying a camera around brings me out of my shell and creates connections that are positive and happy. I spotted a man pulling a cartful of Valentines balloons today and asked if I could take his photograph. His entire face lit up and I ended up getting his address so I could mail him some prints that he can send to his family who live in different states.

Kindness is everything, and it benefits everyone. I hope you enjoy the photos.

photo credit: Katie Kauffman